Nissan Rogue on Fast Switch Winter Wheels with Alloygator

With a ski trip planned, our customer wanted to make sure his Nissan Rogue was up to the task. We mounted a set of Falken Eurowinter HS449 tires on 19" Fast Switch wheels with a set of red Alloygator wheel protectors. These wheels in Titanium have a nice speckle to them which make them very durable in the winter as they don't show much dirt or brake dust. We also equipped the car with a Thinkware FA200 dash cam to protect our customer against other drivers on the road. The basic Thinkware dash cam is very affordable and is recommended if budget is a concern, it offers the same driving and parking recording as higher end Thinkware models.

Nissan rogue fast switch

Fast switch 19" nissan rogue

Thinkware FA200 Nissan Rogue