Nissan Rogue LED Headlight Upgrade and Fastco wheels

While all new Nissan Rogues come with a nice LED accent near the grille, many don't have LED headlights and none come with LED fog lights. We upgraded the low beam and the fog lights to the CLD Kong bulbs for both. The fog light access is tricky through the fender liner so professional installation is recommended. Not only will this help our customer see better at night but it gives the modest crossover a more premium look. The CLD Kong lights are a 6000K colour temperature which is a bit cooler than typical factory LED/HID options.

We also installed Fastco Switch wheels in the titanium finish to help this Rogue stand out. These SUVs are so popular that it's easy to lose them in a Richmond parking lot! As the car is brand new, we reused the stock Bridgestone tires for these wheels. We recommend using the factory wheels for Winter tires.

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Nissan Rogue LED Lighting upgrade

CLD Kong Nissan Rogue