Nissan Qashqai Headlight Upgrade (LED + Halogen)

Our customer picked up this brand new Nissan Qashqai SV and was disappointed to learn it only came with halogen headlights. There is an LED daytime running light strip that looks a bit more modern but the overall lighting doesn't quite match the sleek styling of this crossover. This car has auto high beams so our customer wanted a whiter high beam as well as opposed to the warm factory halogens.

We installed our CLD Kong series LED bulbs in the projector housing low beams and the Nokya Arctic white halogen bulbs. The CLD Kong bulbs use Philips LED chips and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The H11 sizing is very common on Japanese vehicles so it'd likely work on our customer's next vehicle as well! Check out our pictures below to see the lighting improvement, visual effect, and how the ballast is mounted. The ballast is a lot smaller than traditional HID ballasts and can be zip tied to the car's frame.

Nissan qashqai LED low beam

Nissan qashqai ballast led