Nissan Pathfinder (R50) Pioneer Stereo and Subwoofer

These R50 generation Nissan Pathfinders are awesome off road vehicles with a truck chassis, short wheelbase, and room for larger tires. Our customer's particular Pathfinder had a Bose CD system that was on its way out. He takes the vehicle off road and wanted better connectivity and sound quality for his adventures as he planned to drive this vehicle from BC to Ontario. 

We installed the Pioneer MVH-S322BT single din head unit to replace the dated CD player. While this stereo might be one of Pioneer's entry level systems, it really has just about everything one would need in a media receiver. It has bluetooth for music streaming and handsfree calling, USB with FLAC playback capability, and aux input. The EQ can be customized through the Pioneer SmartSync app. The features that you do miss in this head unit are not the most important for some customers like Sirius tuner support, colour changing illumination, and CD playback. 

To give the system just a little more oomph, we installed the TS-SWX3002 powered subwoofer. This type of sub is great as it has an amp built into the side of the enclosure. The power, ground, and signal wires are all conveniently located on a molex connector which makes it a lot easier to remove the subwoofer if needed. For our customer, as he may take the vehicle camping and want the extra storage space, this works out better than a traditional amp and subwoofer setup. With those setups, you'll have battery and ground wire running to the amp which would be a hassle to remove. This subwoofer offers around 350W of bass which is plenty for a smaller open cabin vehicle like the Pathfinder.

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