Nissan Juke Visibility Upgrade Package

Perhaps one of the biggest advancements we've seen across the car industry are upgrades to the safety and visibility tech that's included as standard equipment. Backup cameras are included even on entry level vehicles and LED headlights are slowly becoming the norm. That being said, cars like this Nissan Juke are still relatively new but are lacking in these departments. 

Thankfully, small upgrades go a long way in modernizing a vehicle and making it that much more enjoyable. For many of our customers, these upgrades are the difference between keeping a car and buying a new one so they end up saving a lot of money in the long run. For this vehicle we went and upgraded all the interior lights to LED, parking light to LEDs with projectors, and the headlights with our D6 series LED replacement bulbs. 

Additionally, we added a backup sensor system to assist with reverse parking since this car's high window and sloped rear don't exactly improve rearward visibility. The backup sensor consists of both audible alerts and a visual meter to gauge distance. They come in a black colour but can be paint matched for an additional cost. 

Install Pictures

Juke rear led and sensors

Juke backup sensor

Nissan juke backup sensors