Nissan Juke Parking Sensor Install

After putting a number of scratches on their rear bumper, this Nissan Juke owner wanted to install an audible alert sensor to prevent further damage. Not so much for their own vehicle but scratching another car's bumper can easily cost several hundred dollars, even at very low speeds. They did not opt for a paint matched sensor set (typically $100 for custom painted sensors), and went for a simple black sensor kit. The parking sensors are a 4 sensor kit with a distance display which we mounted on the dashboard. This tells the driver exactly where the obstacle is relative to the car in terms of both distance and location. 

Backup sensors with installation typically starts under $400 installed depending on the vehicle, and bumper removal is almost always required for install. We carry parking sensors in most standard colours such as black, silver, white, and red. More unique colours like the teal on this Nissan will need to be sent out to a body shop for paint matching.

Contact us today if you're looking for a rear vision assist system, be it a parking sensor, backup camera, or head unit and backup camera combo! 

Nissan Juke Parking Sensor Install

Nissan Juke Rear Parking Sensors

Nissan juke parking sensor display