Niche Turin Wheels on Mercedes S63 AMG

Here are some pictures of our customer's Mercedes S-Class fitted on Niche Turin M169 wheels! He brought in his car as one of the factory AMG wheels developed a crack and was leaking air from the rim. Replacing this one wheel would be very expensive from the dealer and repairing it may not be a viable option depending on how bad the crack is and whether the structure is compromised. The large 20" wheels on this S-Class are generally quite expensive, but Niche's sport series wheels were very reasonably priced.

Cracked s63 amg wheel

We're a big fan of Niche wheels as they've managed to stay modern yet original with their designs and many of their wheels can accept a factory BMW or Mercedes center cap. Additionally, the stock radius (ball) seat lug bolts from this S63 bolted right up to the Niche Turin M169 wheels. With the center cap in place, the wheels look at home on this top of the line Mercedes sedan. 

Niche turin mercedes center cap wheels

We went with a slightly more aggressive size for these aftermarket wheels compared to the stock AMG setup. The fronts are a 20x9" +38 and the rears are 20x10" +40. With these wheel specs, the wheels sit about a half inch further out per corner for a wider stance yet has no issues with rubbing or clearance. Here is a picture of the before (above) and after (below).

S63 amg niche turin wheels

With a black coloured barrel, the wheels generally look cleaner compared to a silver painted finish when exposed to brake dust. Our customer also opted for the black AlloyGators which blend in nicely with the tire and black outer barrel of the wheel. These AlloyGators offer protection from curbage, which is important with a wider wheel. If the AlloyGator does get curbed, it retains its black colour throughout so not only will it prevent damage to the rim, it also looks better. Typically a painted black wheel will turn silver when curbed as the metal underneath is exposed. This would result in an unsightly gash that would be very visible, especially when compared to a black AlloyGator

Niche Turin wheels black alloygator

In the event that the AlloyGator becames severely damaged, we can also replace them for a small fee. Compared to actually repairing or replacing the Alloy wheel, the AlloyGators are cheaper and more convenient to do. We can usually squeeze in an AlloyGator job for drop-in customers, as long as the colour is available.