Niche Gamma (M224) on Ford Mustang Convertible

We fitted this Mustang Convertible with Niche Gamma wheels. These are the M224 (glossy black) colour of the Niche Gamma, not to be confused with the M190 which is more of a matte/satin black. For the tires, we went with a 285 width Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+, they're a huge upgrade from the factory 255 Pirelli P Zeros which are expensive and don't offer much in terms of performance. The A/S3+ is one of the best all season tires on the market and drives like a summer tire in the dry while being able to handle rain easily as well as light snow. It's a refined tire that's quiet and confident as well with perhaps a slightly stiffer ride than some other all season tires.

With the +35 offset, the wheels are aggressive without sticking past the fender. There is room to run 305's but for a city car there isn't necessarily a point to do so. All season tire options will also be very limited in a wider 305 or 315 size. For the dash cam, we installed a Blackvue DR900X and a battery pack behind the glovebox. 

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Wheel Specs

  • Niche Gamma 19x9.5 +35 
  • Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+ 285/35-19

Mustang S550 Niche Gamma

Mustang Blackvue dash cam

Mustang S550 niche gamma 19