New D6 LED Lights Installed on W204 C-Class!

Our new D6 LED lights are a direct replacement for factory halogen light bulbs. In the case of our customer's C230 sedan, the car did not come with the factory bi-xenon headlamps and our customer found that the illumination and colour was not to his liking. For this vehicle, the H7 connection was plug and play with no need to drill, mount ballasts, or splice any wiring. 
LED Bulb fan
The D6 name of these bulbs represent the 6000 lumens brightness which makes them 2-3x brighter than the factory Mercedes halogen bulbs. In our experience, LED headlight bulbs last significantly longer than HID bulbs yet offer similar brightness. They are also dust and water resistant which further helps with durability. The colour is a cooler 6000K tint which makes for a more modern and upgraded look.
C Class W204 LED replacement bulb