Mitsubishi RVR Avisight PRO-220 Backup Cam Install

We installed an Avisight Pro-220 rearview mirror mounted backup camera dash cam combo on this 2014 Mitsubishi RVR. We mounted the rear camera where the factory one would've been and aimed it downwards to see the edge of the bumper. When shifted into reverse, the screen will automatically light up and display the rear camera. You can also turn the screen off by clicking the large button on the bottom of the mirror if you find it's too bright or just want to see the mirror rather than the LCD screen.

Our customer already had a suction cup mounted dash cam plugged into the 12V socket. So we hardwired the Avisight to the fuse box on the passenger's side. This way she will have two dash cams recording the front angle which will help in case one dash cam or memory card fails. 

Mitsubishi RVR backup cam

Mitsubishi RVR rearview mirror backup cam

Mitsubishi RVR Avisight

Mitsubishi RVR Backup camera