Mini Cooper JCW (F56) Thinkware F800 Pro 2CH

We hardwired a Thinkware F800 Pro in this new F56 generation Cooper S JCW. This car is unique in that it has a very upright window but the slim dash cam is relatively discreet despite this. We mounted the camera on the frit (black dots) which hides it from the outside quite well. In it's position, the driver can also see the recording status LED so they know that the camera is working. The rear camera wire is properly fed through the tubes going to the hatchback. 

As with any late model BMW or Mini, a battery pack is recommended to avoid issues with auto start stop, battery discharge, and comfort access. We recommend the Thinkware iVolt BAB-50 which is the smaller of the two battery sizes we carry. This smaller battery will fit in the glovebox or under the seat easily. 

Mini JCW Thinkware

Mini JCW F800 Pro

Mini JCW Thinkware F800 Pro

Mini JCW Thinkware rear dash cam