Mazda MX-5 Miata RF 2-Channel Thinkware F800 Pro Install

We installed a Thinkware F800 Pro 2-Channel dash cam on this 30th Anniversary MX-5 RF. As the rear window on this vehicle goes up and down, it was not an option to mount the camera on this panel. Instead we routed the wire into the cavity behind the wind deflector and mounted the camera on the deflector itself. No fabrication is required but extra attention needs to be paid as to where the wires end up as it could get tangled and damaged while the top is in operation. 

With a smaller car like this, a battery pack is recommended for parking mode as the battery is on the smaller side. If more than 4 hours of parking recording is needed, a standard hardwire kit that runs off of the car's battery will not suffice for a 2-channel setup like this. Parking mode is important for a car like this as the slanted and low front end is hard to see and may get backed into easily by larger vehicles.


Thinkware F800 Pro MX-5 RF

MX-5 Rf rear camera

MX-5 RF rear dash cam