Miata (ND) H&R Coilovers + Konig Countergram

Our customer wanted an upgrade from the factory Bilstein shocks and springs, so they came to us for a set of H&R Street Performance coilovers (28741-1). To add to the newly lowered aesthetic, a set of Konig Countergrams were also mounted.

The H&R coilovers gave the front of the vehicle a lowering range with the minimum lowering height as 1.2 inches to a maximum of 2.4 inches drop, while the rear gets about 1.4 inches minimum to 2.6 inches max drop. However, we kept it near maximum height, as we noticed if we went too low it would create pre-load on the springs. 

Luckily we also had a NA Miata with a similar style at the shop that day, and the old/new duo looks amazing. The Countergrams were in Hyper chrome center with mirror machined lip, giving it a solid throwback styling that isn't tacky. We went with +45 offset in lieu of a +35 option, as it tends to rub the fender liner with the tire setup. The wheels were wrapped in Continental DWS06+ 215/45-17 all season tires, all around. These are slightly wider, but a lot of our customers tend to veer towards these Conti's for their performance in the wet and damp Vancouver weather.

Konig Countergram Wheel Specs:

  • Bolt pattern: 4x100
  • 17x8 +45
  • Hyper chrome finish with mirror machined lip
  • 17.4lbs per wheel (flow formed), same weight as the factory BBS forged wheels, yet being wider 
  • 215/45-17 Conti EC DWS06+ Tires