Mercedes GLC300 Coupe Thinkware Q800 Pro

We don't see these GLC Coupes very often so we wanted to share some pictures of the dash cam install. With this hatchback/coupe design it does make installation a bit more complicated as the access for the grommet is very recessed into the headliner. Furthermore, the third brake light is a lot bulkier than the standard GLC SUV so the rear camera wire is a lot more noticeable if a centered rear camera is required. We typically give our customers the option to have the camera mounted off center or in the middle but you can see how the wire is more visible in the center spot. We don't recommend running the rear camera wire through the third brake light as this will cast a shadow when the brake light is illuminated and look weird from behind. 

Mercedes GLC300 thinkware q800 pro

Thinkware Q800 Pro rear dash cam glc300

Thinkware Q800 Pro GLC300