Mercedes EQB + Blackvue DR770X + Thinkware iVolt

Our customer brought in their new Mercedes EQB but left their Blackvue DR770X installed in their old vehicle. They liked the fact that the DR770X records in 60 frames per second (fps) versus most 1080 resolution cameras in the market which record at 30 fps, reducing blur. While the DR770X is slowly phasing out, we were able to procure and install this 2 channel dash cam for their EQB. The installation process on this new EV is almost identical to the GLB.

A battery pack is also--as usual--recommended as EV's and hybrids to mitigate interference between the dash cam and the factory electronics. Our customer also had a Thinkware iVolt external battery installed as a result. The battery pack fits under and behind the passenger seat, which is one of the usual spots we install external batteries for easier access.