Mercedes E53 Thinkware Dash Cam and Alloygator Install

The two most popular accessories our customers get for their new cars are wheel protectors and dash cams. These accessories offer great peace of mind and are applicable to virtually any vehicle. It's important to get wheel protectors on as soon as possible so that any curb damage only affects the plastic piece and doesn't actually damage the wheel underneath. This should help in avoiding outrageous penalties when it comes to a lease return.

With dash cams, anyone who's owned one before will rarely be caught ever driving without one again. Everyone's had a near miss or before and wants to avoid ever being caught arguing with their insurance company about which party is at fault. 

This customer brought their new Mercedes E53 AMG to transfer over their existing dash cam and add AlloyGator wheel protectors. We previously installed a Cellink battery and Thinkware F800 Pro in their old vehicle and were happy to help reinstall it in their new E-Class. For the Alloygators, our customers opted for a sky blue colour for a bit of personalized flair. With this new generation E-Class, if it has a rear sunshade, the rear dash cam has to be mounted down low so as not to interfere with the operation of the shade. The battery pack requires ignition switched power which is only available in the trunk fuse box which is convenient for storing the battery pack.

Install Pictures


sky blue alloygator

Thinkware F800 Pro E43 amg

2-channel dash cam mercedes e classCellink battery pack e class mercedes