Mercedes C43 Cabrio (W205) Wheel Spacers

Our customer wanted a more flush look for his W205 C43 AMG Cabriolet, so we went ahead and test fitted different spacers. This car has a staggered setup from factory with decent room in the rear for wider wheels, but not so much in the front. With the facelifted model of W205, the factory wheel offset is already significantly wider than the earlier models. 

The factory sizing is:

Front 19x7.5 +33 

Rear 19x8.5 +52

We went with a 5mm hubcentric spacer in the front, and a 15mm hubcentric spacer with 43mm extended bolts in the rear. For the fronts we were able to reuse the factory wheel bolts and key. 

Effectively the new sizing is

Front 19x7.5 +28

Rear 19x8.5 +37

Mercedes C43 cabrio spacers

Mercedes c43 cabrio 15mm rear spacers

W205 C43 5mm front spacers

W205 C43 15mm spacers