Mercedes C300 (W205) Subwoofer install

Our customer had this MB Quart amplifier/subwoofer box previously installed in a 2010 Civic and came to us asking to install it into his new C-Class. While the Civic had an aftermarket Pioneer double din system, the C-Class ran the factory head unit. To add a subwoofer in a vehicle like this, we needed to add a line output converter and pull out the factory system to access the speaker wires behind for a signal to the new amp.

Some line output converters we carry:

For this particular application we used an 8 gauge amp wiring kit which runs from the battery in the engine bay all the way to the amplifier in the trunk. A high quality amp kit with oxygen free copper wiring is sufficient for powering a subwoofer like the one in this C300. Check out our amp wiring kits here!

MB Quart C300 Subwoofer

A sealed subwoofer enclosure like the one we used in this C class takes up less space than a ported one but might not be as loud or boomy. That being said, a properly matched sealed enclosure may provide more accurate bass reproduction. Adding a subwoofer to a factory system is becoming a more and more popular option as many new cars lack in the bass department. Subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes so the options are virtually limitless! 

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