Mercedes Benz GLA250 (H247) iRoad X9 2 Channel

We installed this iRoad X9 on the brand new Mercedes Benz GLA250. This camera is hardwired for parking mode and we have the rear camera going through the factory grommets for the hatchback. The iRoad X9 dash cam has a low profile front camera which our customer mounted off to the passenger side.

As far as parking mode systems go, we strongly prefer the Thinkware dash cams like the Q800 Pro over the iRoad X9. The main reason being the buffered parking recording capability. With the Thinkware dash cams, it can record the 10 seconds before an impact which is crucial in the event of a hit and run. With a system like the iRoad it only records after the trigger. This is great for conserving energy but it is not the best for protecting a vehicle. 

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iRoad X9 Mercedes GLA

iRoad X9 Gla

GLA 250 rear dash cam iRoad X9