Mercedes Benz CLK Valve Cover Gasket Repair

We recently did a valve cover gasket on a customer's 2006 CLK 350. With modern engines, it can be hard to detect an oil leak due to the various covers and undertrays that will hide visible signs of a leak. However, due to the position of the valve cover, the oil was dripping onto the exhaust manifold and emitting an awful smell which prompted our customer to bring in their car for an inspection. 

mercedes clk 350 engine

The repair was fairly straight forward and a replacement gasket was very affordable. In terms of repair costs, our customer was able to save a substantial amount of money as our labour rate is half of what the dealership charges. After doing the valve cover gaskets, we cleaned up the engine and did an oil change with the Liqui Moly Top Tec 5W30 fully synthetic motor oil. This premium motor oil has factory certifications from Mercedes and a number of other European manufacturers.

Mercedes CLK Valve cover

With the oil change and gaskets done, the car should be good for many years of driving to come. For your auto repair and maintenance needs, contact us today!