Mercedes AMG GT Roadster Blackvue and Escort Install

We installed a Blackvue DR590W-1CH and Escort Max 360 radar detector in this new AMG GT Roadster. The Blackvue DR590W-1CH is one of the best kept secrets in Blackvue's lineup as it offers similar video quality to the much more expensive Blackvue DR750S-1CH (Sony STARVIS + 60FPS) but without the cloud feature. Since most dash cam users don't take advantage of the cloud feature, we think that the DR590W-1CH is a great bang for the buck. The video quality is actually much better than its 2-channel sibling, the DR590W-2CH as the same processor only needs to handle 1 channel of recording. 

Both the radar detector and the dash cam's hardwire kit (power magic pro) were wired into the fuse box found at the passenger side footwell. Our customer drives with the top down often so didn't find a need for the rear camera.

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Mercedes amg gt blackvue

AMG GT radar and dash cam

AMG GT blackvue and escort