Mercedes A250 Hatchback Rexing V1P + Thinkware iVolt + Alloygator

Our customer brought us this brand new Mercedes A250 hatchback and his own Rexing V1P 2-CH dash cam to install. He wanted parking recording so we used the supplied hardwire kit and hooked it up to a Thinkware iVolt battery for parking recording. In the past, Mercedes vehicles have had issues with auto start/stop disabling and auxiliary battery issues related to dash cam drain in parking mode, the dedicated battery pack gets rid of that issue. 

The Rexing dash cam is a little bulky but we managed to hide all the wires neatly. The battery pack sits just below the passenger's seat and is tapped to the fuse box under the passenger footwell. We ran the rear dash cam wire through the factory grommets. This is similar to other Mercedes hatchbacks and SUVs like the GLA, GLB, and GLC. 

We also installed a set of black exclusive series Alloygators. These newer model Alloygators have a round profile rather than the older triangular/pyramid style. They fit slightly deeper in the tire and tend to hold better than the original series.

If you're looking to protect your vehicle with a parking mode dash cam system, or simply want a set of wheel protectors for your wheels, contact us today!

Mercedes A250 alloygator and 2ch

Rexing V1p Hardwired

Thinkware ivolt battery mercedes a250

Mercedes A250 hatchback rear dash cam

Mercedes A250 AMG exclusive black alloygator