McLaren 720S Rho Plate Install

With a supercar like the McLaren 720S, the last thing you want is a drilled in license plate bracket causing permanent damage to your front bumper. Yet with the increased visibility of a flashier car like this, you also want to avoid giving police a reason to issue you a ticket. That's where a tow hook license plate bracket comes in. 

Rho Plate has been making plate brackets for these cars since the MP4-12C so they're relatively known in that community. The placement of the plate off to the side looks great on this car and doesn't mess up the clean shape. There are some applications where a tow hook plate bracket just doesn't look clean due to where the factory placed the tow hook, but on the 720S it looks excellent. What sets Rho Plate apart is that it's not a one size fits all solution and the plates are measured for a nice clean gap between the bumper while avoiding any park sensors (if applicable).

To fit your car with a Rho-Plate V2 license plate mount, contact us today!

McLaren 720S rho plate