McLaren 570S Thinkware Q800 Pro 2-Channel Dash Cam

When a car has a unique shape like the McLaren 570S, sometimes we recommend just doing a 1-channel (front only) dash cam as the view out the back can be compromised. Here is an example of a customer that opted to do a front and rear dash cam setup with the Thinkware Q800 Pro. Although the rear camera view is primarily occupied by the rear engine cover, it still offers a helpful view should the car be rear-ended or vandalized from the back. Some customers may be tempted to rotate the rear camera up more but the problem with this is that the camera's exposure metering will see too much sky, and will make for very dark videos during the day. 

For supercars that aren't driven too often, we recommend adding a battery pack (like the Cellink Neo) if parking mode recording is needed. This is because the regular discharging of the battery and infrequent charging can cause premature wear on the battery. This is especially important on supercars that use Lithium batteries which are very expensive to replace. At the same time, longer parking recording is helpful for these cars that attract a lot of attention. 

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