MB E63 (W212) Girodisc + TW Q800 Pro 2CH + iVolt

Our customer came with their E63 (W212) wagon to install some Girodisc rotors. An uncommon, but welcome upgrade for this type of vehicle! We also installed a Thinkware Q800 Pro 2CH with the accompanying iVolt extension battery pack.

With how expensive OEM rotors can get on lots of performance European vehicles, our customer opted to go for the Girodisc upgrade, which had similar cost to OEM rotors, but with better performance in mind. They are also lighter than the factory Mercedes brake discs! The rotors were installed and paired with OEM brake pads.

We also installed Thinkware's Q800 Pro 2CH dash cam, along with TW's iVolt battery pack for extended parking mode recording. As mentioned in previous posts, many European vehicles are finnicky when it comes to having dash cameras installed. They would send a warning regarding battery drainage even when the battery is still holds a good charge. Opting to install an external battery pack quashes the issue of battery drainage, and has an added bonus of an extended parking mode. On most Mercedes vehicles that have a hatch opening, the rear camera install is labour intensive, and would require at least an hour of additional labour to install. The iVolt was installed under the rear passenger compartment, hidden away from view.