Mazda 5 Sony AX5000 and Backup Camera Install

We get a lot of inquiries for infotainment upgrades on minivans as families spend a lot of time in these vehicles and more media options are always welcome. Our customer wanted a way to play movies through a USB drive and get Android Auto into his Mazda 5. He also wanted to add a backup camera to his car which was easy to do with a double din receiver.

We used a license plate bracket style backup camera which has two main benefits: no need to drill mounting holes for the camera and a centered image since the license plate is perfectly centered. He also had a rearview mirror dash cam/backup cam combo that we hardwired for him so he actually gets two different angles for parking.

We ran one USB in the center console and one in the armrest. USB1 is for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay while the USB2 in the glovebox for a USB thumb drive or similar media device. One of the neat things with the Mazda 5 is that the double din dash kit actually replaces the main part of the center console so the 10 year old plastic trim is completely replaced by a brand new painted silver piece giving the interior a fresh look. The 7" capacitive screen on the AX5000 is also super sharp and modernizes this minivan.

Install Pictures

Mazda 5 overdrive

Sony XAV-AX5000 double din mazda 5

Mazda 5 backup camera double din

Sony XAV-AX5000 backup camera