Mazda 5 OD-X Backup Camera with 5" Screen

We installed this backup camera system on a 2013 Mazda 5 with the OD-X License Plate Frame camera. We typically offer this backup camera system with a choice of two monitors, one is the rearview mirror type (like this Genesis Coupe) and one is the external screen type like we did on this Mazda. The rearview mirror style is sleeker and not as obvious in the cabin, but does have a tendency to get washed out when it's very sunny out. This is because the screen sits behind a mirror. The screen pictured below has a suction cup mount and an adhesive mount and can be mounted on various parts of the dashboard or windscreen. 

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Mazda 5 backup camera license plate

ODX License plate 5" screen

Mazda 5 Backup camera 5 inch screen

Mazda 5 backup camera license plate frame