Mazda 5 Car Audio Upgrade with Kicker KS and more!

Our customer recently downsized from his Honda Odyssey into this 2006 Mazda 5 and found the sound system seriously lacking. The car only had two pairs of 6x8 speakers with no tweeters making for a really dull sounding system with no real treble or bass. He had JL component speakers in his Odyssey and wanted to get close to that setup while keeping his budget for the sound system below $1000. We did this by reinstalling the older Pioneer AVIC head unit from his Odyssey into this Mazda 5 with a matching silver dash kit from Metra. This head unit offers much cleaner sound and better power output than the factory Mazda one. When combined with the greater adjustability, it makes for much better sound quality even without the addition of an amplifier.

We also added a backup camera to make for easier parking and a Blackvue DR750S-2CH dash cam with power magic pro. This camera offers WiFi, cloud, and 1080P resolution for both front and rear channels. The power magic pro hardwire kit connects to the fuse box and supplies constant power to the dash cam to run parking mode recording until the camera hits the set cut-off voltage.

Kicker KS Speakers

Kicker's KS speakers have always been our go-to speaker blending great value, clear sound, and decent bass. They come in a lot of different sizes including the Ford/Mazda specific 6x8 used in this Mazda 5 and have a shallow mounting depth that will fit just about any vehicle! These speakers come with super clear silk-dome tweeters on both component and coaxial applications.

For the front speakers we went with the Kicker KS 6.5" component system which has a 1" tweeter and external crossover with tweeter level adjustment. We needed to use a speaker bracket to mount this circular speaker in the oval 6x8 opening on the Mazda 5. We also cut a new hole into the corner window panel to mount the tweeter.

With the rears, we went with the Kicker KS 6x8" coaxial speaker which has a nice 0.75" silk dome tweeter in the middle. These can take a lot more power than the stock speakers and offer a lot better sound throughout the frequency range. They are also a direct bolt in for this car and don't need extra speaker brackets to install. Simply splice in the speaker wire/terminals and you're good to go. 

Install Pictures

Mazda 5 overdrive

Mazda 5 backup camera

Mazda 5 back up camera

Kicker KS component 6.5 in mazda 5

Kicker KS 6x8 rear mazda 5

Kicker KS 6.5 component speakers mazda 5

mazda 5 double din backup cam