Lexus RX450H Thinkware Q800 Pro + Alloygator

The Lexus RX is one of the most popular cars that come through our shop and is one that we're very familiar with. Older RX of this fourth generation came with Bridgestone Ecopia tires that were awful to install with Alloygators. The weak sidewall meant that drivers that drove moderately aggressively may have issues with the Alloygators slipping out. Cars that were equipped with Michelin Premier LTX tires on the other hand would hold up much better, despite both tires having the same load rating. Either way, due to the weight of the car and it's tendency to roll, we only recommend using the Exclusive series Alloygators.

For the dash cam, we went with the Thinkware Q800 Pro 2CH which is a high quality 2K front + 1080P rear camera. It offers parking mode via motion detection or an energy saving parking mode that gives longer recording times. For this vehicle, we do recommend the battery pack as the factory battery tends to be a bit weak and doesn't offer much parking recording even when set to a 12.0V cutoff. Again, this is based on experience from our customers who either had battery related issues or found the parking mode insufficient for their needs. We recommend at least getting the Thinkware iVolt BAB50 battery for this car. 

Contact us today if you're looking to protect your vehicle with a parking mode dash cam. 

Lexus RX450h red alloygator

Lexus RX450H thinkware q800 pro

Thinkware Q800 Pro rear dash cam lexus rx

Lexus RX450H alloygator f sport exclusive