Lexus IS300 (3rd Generation) Android Head Unit Upgrade Review and Installation

Radio Replacement is not always an option for newer vehicles as they have unique screens that integrate with crucial systems like the climate control that you can't always retain with the aftermarket. In the last 2 years, we've seen a huge growth in the screen replacement/upgrade marketplace with systems that essentially piggyback off of the factory infotainment system. Many of them simply require hitting the aux/media button on the factory system to work.

Our customer brought us this 10.25" Android system to install on his 2015 Lexus IS. One advantage to this system is that it includes a module that supports adding an aftermarket RCA based backup camera. This Lexus didn't originally come with a backup camera and our customer really wanted to add one in. Something really cool about the camera display is that this system displays it right next to the parking sensor display so you're getting the best of both worlds. It also reads the computer system of the car to display active guidelines that turn with the steering wheel. 

The theme of the 10.25" is a close match to the factory one but you can always switch back to the factory display if needed through the center console controller so you don't have to worry about losing the factory features. We did notice that the resolution on this particular 10.25" screen wasn't great in Android Auto mode and tended to stretch out the screen. But overall responsiveness was good although having a touchscreen on this car is not the most useful given how far away the screen is.

Our biggest gripe with this system and similar ones we've installed in the past is the sound quality. No matter what you do with the equalizer, the sound processing seems to be noticeably worse than the factory sound system through bluetooth. Those who plan on investing in this type of system and want better sound quality may want to put some money towards a new amp and speakers as well. 

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