Lexus IS250 (2nd Gen) Fast FC04 19x8.5 Flow Formed Wheels

One of the best ways to transform your older vehicle is a new set of wheels and tires. Not only will the car look better but it will perform better as well with the new rubber. This 2011 IS250 came in to our shop looking for a set of 19" wheels. It was running the 225/45-17 all seasons on plastidipped stock 17" wheels. We went with the Fast FC04 in gloss black which despite the larger 19x8.5 size, weigh in at just 21lbs per wheel. That's about 5-6 pounds lighter than the stock 17" wheels. We went slightly wider with the tires as well with a 235/35-19 Pirelli all season. These help to improve handling a bit and also fill out the wheel wells a bit better visually while giving the car slightly higher ground clearance as our customer has a front lip on order. 

In terms of offset, the 19x8.5 +35 wheels sit about 16mm wider than stock for a much wider stance overall. That being said, with these tires they still sit within the fenders and should not attract any negative attention from law enforcement. We also installed a brand new set of Max TPMS sensors as the original set was coming up on 10 years and likely would die out soon. To install the aftermarket wheels, we went with a set of our Ceco spline drive lug nuts in black. The factory mag/flat seat lug nuts and locks will not fit most aftermarket wheels. 

Contact us today if you're looking to fit your car with a better looking set of wheels or just a superior performing tire!

Lexus IS250 Fast FC04 19x8.5

Fast FC04 19x8.5 +35 Lexus IS

Fast FC04 gloss black is250

Lexus IS250 stock wheels plastidipped