Lexus GX470 BF Goodrich KO2 265/70-17

We previously installed a Thinkware F50 dash cam in this single owner Lexus GX470 but when it came time to replace his all season tires, our customer wanted to give his SUV a more aggressive look. Naturally, we looked at all terrain tires with aggressive lugs and the BF Goodrich KO2 came to mind. The KO2 has been the best-selling all terrain tire for a while thanks to excellent road manners and year round capability (3PSF winter rated). Not to mention they look great especially with the white lettering found on some of these tires. 

Lexus GX470 Thinkware 1Channel Dash Cam

As the vehicle is mainly driven in Richmond BC, a lift wasn't really feasible as the high roof and roof rack already has proven to be a challenge with some parkade clearance beams. But our client still wanted a larger tire for a beefier look and perhaps more capability. The stock tire is a 265/65-17 which is a 30.6" tall tire, pretty typical of midsize trucks and SUVs. 

Lexus GX470 BF Goodrich 265/70-17

With tire sizing, there's always contradicting information on what actually fits on these SUVs. Some owners are saying that they're able to fit 275/70-17 or even 285/70-17 tires on the stock wheels without a lift. We found that your mileage may vary with these measurements and it's best to actually measure and test for clearance with the wheel going lock to lock before deciding.


In the end, we went with a 265/70-17 (31.6") tire which is a 1" larger overall diameter than stock. Nominally speaking this is essentially a 32" tire. Just about everyone on various off road and Toyota truck forums said that this size tire would fit with "no issues" but we found that even with this more conservative size, the tire would touch the front of the fender liner slightly at full lock. This was noticeable in some parking situations and can be fixed by heating and massaging the fender liner for slightly more clearance. It's possible that other 265/70-17 tires fit without any modification whatsoever as some tires run smaller than others despite being the same listed size. 

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