Lexus CT200H RDTK R20X Pro Duo Install

Our customer's Lexus CT200H did not come with a factory backup camera so we fitted it with a Roadtek R20X Pro Duo. This setup kills multiple birds with one stone as it offers not only a backup camera for parking but a high recording quality dash cam as well. With 1440P (2K) front recording and 1080P rear recording. A bonus feature is that it also works as a digital rearview mirror, similar to what's found on some new Toyota and Cadillac/Chevrolet vehicles!

In the pictures below, you'll see the standard rearview display as well as the display with guidelines when the car is shifted into reverse.

Lexus CT200 R20X

Lexus CT200 R20

Lexus CT Rdtk r20x

Lexus CT RDTK R20X pro duo rear camera