Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR Thinkware U1000 2CH + iVolt Battery Pack

We installed the Thinkware 2-channel U1000 dash cam with the Thinkware iVolt battery pack on this Range Rover Sport SVR.

With this installation, the battery pack is neatly tucked away under the front passenger seat, completely hidden away from view and covered by the factory carpet mats. The iVolt battery pack charges while you drive, and takes the load off of your car battery that would otherwise be used to keep the dash cam running while the car isn't turned on. 

The rear cameras on 2-channel dash cam systems are a challenge to install on Range Rovers, as the trim of the hatch is bonded to the glass window as shown in the photo below. There are no removable panels, and not even a gap to hide the wire to keep it out of view. As such, we typically charge an additional hour for these 2-channel dash cam installs on Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

While some installers may resort to drilling a hole through the hatch panel and making a grommet to run the wire through, we prefer less permanent methods, considering the cost of some of these new luxury and high performance SUVs. We'd like to avoid drilling holes as much as possible!

Contact us if you have any questions about fitting your Range Rover with a parking mode dash cam system, or fitting a battery pack to your existing dash cam.

Range Rover SVRRange Rover SVRRange Rover SVRRange Rover iVolt Battery PackRange Rover iVolt Battery Pack