Kia Stinger Thinkware + Window Tint

The Kia Stinger is easily one of the most desirable cars coming out of Korea at this moment in time, so it's fitting that our customer chose the flagship Thinkware F800 Pro for his car. This camera is equipped with parking mode which is perfect for catching those who can't keep their hands off of this unique and gorgeous vehicle. It's relatively small and thanks to the low-profile design, it blends in nicely with the various cameras and sensors on the windshield. 

We also did a 7-window tint for this Stinger with 70% up front and 35% in the rear. The 70% tint is light enough to not attract much negative attention from law enforcement but provides the same UV protection and cooling properties as a darker tint. The rear tint is a bit darker to provide enhanced privacy and give the vehicle a sleeker look overall. 

Install Pictures

Kia stinger thinkware f800 pro

Kia Stinger F800 Pro

Kia stinger f800 pro rear camera

Kia stinger thinkware f800 pro front camera

Kia stinger window tint