Kia Soul Thinkware FA10 + LED Upgrades

In terms of cost effective accessories you can add to a new car, a dash cam like the Thinkware FA10 can't be beat. It's a fraction of the cost of your average insurance deductible and is a proven product with excellent build quality. In terms of video quality it's definitely lacking when compared to models like the Thinkware F800 Pro or Blackvue DR900S-2CH. It also lacks the WiFi, GPS, and Cloud features found on higher end dash cams. But in terms of the essential features, the FA10 and Thinkware's other entry level dash cams have it all:

  • Parking mode with pre-buffered recording via motion detection or impact detection
  • Memory card partitioning to protect the most important videos
  • Built-in voltage detection and cutoff to protect your battery (TWA-SH hardwire kit required)
  • Excellent voice alerts to remind you if the dash cam has any issues

In terms of the engineering behind the FA10, the dash cam is a tremendous value at around $200 installed. That's why we recommended this model to our customer who wanted something cost-effective for their commuter car. These dash cams may not have the best video quality, but in most situations the video it captures should be sufficient for proving fault in the event of an accident. They will have a harder time catching license plates than more premium products but unless it's a hit and run, the license plate is not necessarily required. 

Aside from protecting him in the event of an accident, our customer also wanted a lighting upgrade as his base model Kia Soul had very poor lights from factory. To improve both front and rear visibility we went with LED upgrades. Our D6 LED bulbs offer 3-4x more output than the factory halogens and a nicer colour temperature as well. Meanwhile, reverse bulbs with projectors cast much more light than the original 921 bulbs.

Install Pictures

Kia soul LED h13

Kia soul thinkware fa10

Kia soul reverse LED