Kia Soul Avisight Rearview Mirror Dash Cam/Backup Cam Install

We installed the Avisight Pro-220 on this 2010 Kia Soul. This type of system is a cost effective way to add a backup camera on any vehicle. It has the bonus of a dash cam function although the video quality is not as good as our entry level Thinkware or Blackvue offerings. We hardwired this camera so that the 12V sockets are freed up for cellphone charging.

This type of install takes a bit more time than a standard 2-channel install as we have to run the rear camera to the exterior of the vehicle as well as find the reverse trigger to activate the camera display. We installed the rear camera in the cavity where the license plate is kept. Because it's recessed in the bumper, it shouldn't get damaged from every day use. The new Kia Souls have a rear camera next to where the Kia badge is on the tailgate, however we did not want to drill holes into the metal.

Kia soul avisight mirror

Kia soul backup camera install

kia soul avisight backup cam

Kia soul rearview mirror backup cam

Kia soul backup camera