Kia Seltos Thinkware Q800 Pro + LED Lighting Upgrades

This brand new Kia Seltos came to us for a dash cam to protect it during parking mode. Naturally we picked one of our Korea's finest, the Thinkware Q800 Pro which offers 2K front recording and 1080P rear recording with Sony sensors all around. While these cars offer some impressive tech even at the base level, a dash cam is not offered from the factory. This camera features WiFi, Cloud, and GPS technology. 

This was an EX trim car so it does not have the LED headlights that the EX Premium or SX Turbo has. We outfitted the car with Lumens Sportline LED bulbs and Philips Ultinon mini LEDs all around. The LED headlights complement the factory LED accents nicely and make the car look much more premium than the factory halogens. The car has nice projectors for both the low beams and fog lights so the light output is neatly managed. Interestingly, the car has LED map lights from the factory for the 1st and 2nd rows but it does not have them for the trunk. 

Not only do these lights look a lot better, but they will help with night time visibility as well. LEDs generate a lot less heat which should contribute to long term durability as well. The Philips 921W LED reverse bulbs in particular help a lot compared to factory halogen bulbs when parking at night time. 

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Bulb Application Chart for 2020 Kia Seltos:

  • Low Beam: 9005
  • Fog Light: 9006
  • Back Up Light: 921
  • License Plate Light: 194/T10
  • Cargo Compartment Light: 31mm Festoon

Kia Seltos Thinkware dash cam

Kia Seltos LED Headlight and foglight upgrade

Kia Seltos Thinkware Q800 Pro Dash Cam

Thinkware Q800 Rear dash cam kia seltos

Kia seltos trunk led light

Kia Seltos reverse and license plate led