Kenwood DNX575S in Porsche 996 Carrera

This single-owner Porsche 996 is a classic and a little overdue for a new infotainment system. This customer also has a new Volkswagen and Jeep, both which have Apple CarPlay, backup cameras, and more. Lack of connectivity and convenience features shouldn't be a reason to park a nice sports car like this Carrera so we overhauled it with the Kenwood DNX575S

This double din deck is fully loaded and offers offline Garmin navigation. Furthermore, you get features like HD radio, DVD playback, and Micro SD playback. In addition, through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto this head unit is also capable of Google Maps and Waze. We installed both front and rear cameras for easier parking and to protect the rare GT3 bodykit on this Porsche. 

For this install, we used a dash kit from Metra and retained the factory DSP. This dash kit has a pocket on the lower portion of the dash which we drilled to run the USB port for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection.  

Install Pictures

Kenwood dnx575s porsche 996

Porsche 996 apple carplay

Porsche 996 black richmond

Porsche 996 front camera

Porsche 996 backup cam

Porsche 996 double din backup cam

Porsche 996 double din front camera