JVC and Kenwood Double Din Receiver Guide (Spring/Summer 2018)

It can certainly be overwhelming looking at all the car stereos on the market and trying to distinguish them from one another. Because of this issue, we decided to create a guide to some of the most popular Kenwood and JVC double din receivers currently available. These models listed all have similar basic features which include:

  • LCD touchscreen for menu interface, video playback, and reverse camera input
  • Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls and music streaming
  • USB input (either front or rear)
  • AM/FM radio functions

The more nuanced and advanced features are where all the different models separate themselves. For our guide to the JVC and Kenwood double din receivers, click here. If you have any questions about any of these features, feel free to contact us! For the most up to date pricing on our receivers, check out our car audio collection here.