John Cooper Works Mini (F56) Backup Camera/Screen Install

Believe it or not, this high end F56 John Cooper Works Mini did not come with a factory backup camera. There are two ways to address this sort of issue, one is to purchase an interface module to utilize the factory screen and add a backup camera. These modules are typically priced between $500-1000 due to the complex BMW system used on newer Minis, so many customers opt for a cheaper option like these rearview mirror integrated screens.

This backup camera combo offers a massive screen and high resolution rear camera with multiple angles and guidelines. Including the installation service, this whole setup came in under $500 which is fairly cheap considering the convenience it adds. Anyone who's ever backed into a wall or worse yet, another vehicle, knows just how expensive that can become. New cars are designed with style in mind before outwards visibility so even a small car like this Mini can be quite difficult to see out of. Being able to park quicker and more confidently adds a lot of peace of mind for any driver!

Install Pictures

Mini cooper s jcw overdrive camera

F56 mini backup cam install

mini cooper s backup cam mirror

Mini cooper s backup cam

mini cooper s rearview mirror screen f56