JK Wrangler Pioneer Powered Subwoofer TS-WX1210A

After installing an aftermarket radio on his JK Wrangler, our customer noticed a lot of distortion through the stock speakers when he cranked the bass up. The stock speakers on the JK Wranglers are in their own little enclosures and can't handle all that much bass. He wanted something modestly priced, could be easily removed while off-roading, and offered deep and satisfying bass. We recommended the all-in-one Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12" sub. It's a 350W unit which offers more power than just about any factory system and is packaged neatly in a wedge-backed enclosure.

JK Wrangler sound system upgrade richmond

The great thing about this enclosure is that all the wires (ground, remote, power, signal) are simply connected via a Molex connector that can be easily unplugged. This is a lot more convenient and safer than having battery wires loose should a customer need to remove the sub from the vehicle when they need the extra space. There is also a wired bass remote that controls the volume of this subwoofer with a long enough wire to mount virtually anywhere in the JK's cabin. The wedge back is slanted to match the slightly reclined seat backs on most modern vehicles. 

Pioneer TS-WX1210A enclosure JK wrangler

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