Jeep JK Wrangler Blackvue Power Magic Pro Install

The Jeep JK Wrangler was one of the first Chrysler vehicles to not offer an interior fuse box making installing interior accessories a little bit tricky. For our power magic pro dash cam install, we found that we could get power from the center console. Typically with these hardwire kits that run off the car's battery, we need to find a constant power source and an ignition switched power source. 

Metra 70-6522 harness

For constant power, the factory radio harness has a constant 12V wire but it does not have an ignition switched power wire. The wiring harness above (Metra 70-6522) is used for installing an aftermarket radio and gives us an idea of the pin assignments on the factory radio harness. For ignition switched 12V power, we can get this from the 12V outlet near the bottom of the center console. You can tap into this with solder or for lower amperage applications (such as the power magic pro), 3M T-Taps can also be used. 

There's plenty of room behind the center console so if you don't need to access the hardwire kit, you could easily hide it behind this trim piece. For detailed instructions to take apart the radio surround, Metra's dash kit guide has great diagrams and instructions for these cars. 

Install Pictures

Jeep JK Wrangler

Jeep JK Wrangler power magic pro install