Jaguar F-Type R Thinkware F800 Pro + iVolt Battery Install

On higher end European cars, a battery pack is always a good idea as the CANBUS systems can be sensitive to battery drains while parked. With a battery pack, you prevent any drain on the car's battery while parked and thus are less likely to trigger any errors. The battery pack will also increase parking recording time provided it is charged accordingly (~40-45 minutes of driving for a full charge). For this F-Type we were able to install the Thinkware iVolt BAB50 battery pack behind/beneath the driver's seat. 

As the rear window is quite small and the cost to install a rear camera is high due to the labour intensive design of the hatch, our customer opted to put the money towards the battery pack instead. Therefore, the dash cam we installed is only the 1-channel (1CH front facing) version of the Thinkware F800 Pro. Unlike Blackvue dash cams, Thinkware 1CH cameras still have the option to add a rear camera down the road. There are some benefits that users may not have considered going with the 1-channel route. For starters, the battery consumption is significantly less so the camera can record for longer in parking mode. Furthermore, the storage space used is halved so you can review videos from further back with the same size memory card. 

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Jaguar F-Type Thinkware install

Thinkware F800 Jaguar F-Type

Thinkware iVolt BAB50 jaguar f-type