Infinity G37 Coupe Pioneer Double Din Installation

For late model vehicles, radio replacement becomes increasingly complex as many of them came with factory screens that integrate features like backup cameras, climate controls, and more. Not only that but factory amplifiers make the equation even more complicated. All of this contributes to increased costs with installing an aftermarket radio but with many of these vehicles still running well, the tech that they left the factory with definitely starts to feel quite dated. Modern features like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and bluetooth streaming are the most requested for functions that customers are missing with their older vehicles. 

On this vehicle, we used the Metra 99-7625B dash kit which retails anywhere from $700-900 CAD depending on available promotions. This is a very expensive dash kit due to the intense research & development that goes into making it. It needs to control the factory upper screen and integrate with the digital climate controls. Furthermore, it's designed to work with both bose and non-bose vehicles. Steering controls are also retained with this system. The Pioneer double din that we installed offered DVD, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and more!

Infinity G37 double din radio replacement

G37 pioneer double din

Metra 99-7625B double din g37

metra dash kit g37