Infiniti G37 IPL Hit and Run by Honda Odyssey (Thinkware FA200)

Our customer's Infiniti G37 IPL was hit and run at Market Crossing in Burnaby, B.C. by this Honda Odyssey. The video shows the driver of the Honda getting into their car, trying to get out of the parking spot going forward and ending up backing out and leaving. The driver of the minivan did not leave a note or call ICBC to report the hit. Luckily the dash cam caught the incident and saved our customer from paying a $500 deductible. In a case like this, the party at fault is fully responsible for the claim.

G37 hit and run scratch

The damage was minor but serious enough to require a respray as it would not buff out by hand. The camera used was the Thinkware FA200 in motion detection mode. Contact us today if you're considering a parking mode dash cam setup for your vehicle!