Hyundai Veloster N Fast FC04 18x8 +40 on Nexen SUR4G

Just in time for track season, we installed a set of Fast FC04 wheels in 18x8 +40 size for this Veloster N, mounted on 235/40R18 Nexen SUR4G. 

The customer expressed his disappointment with the factory 235/35R19 Pirelli PZeros that the Veloster N came equipped with on the track. This wheel and tire setup roughly maintains the factory sizing, with the wheels being the same width, but one inch smaller than the factory 19x8 +55 wheels to reduce weight. The offset being 15mm lower than the factory wheels gives the Veloster N more aggressive fitment, for a sportier look. The Nexen SUR4G provides exceptional grip levels on the track, which the owner is sure to notice.

Contact us if you have any questions about this wheel and tire setup for your Veloster N, or performance tire options for track season!


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