Hyundai Tucson Double Din + Backup Cam

One of the reasons we love working in the automotive industry is that we get to keep older vehicles fresh and up to date. Whether it be regular maintenance, cosmetic upgrades, or in this case electronic upgrades, it's a rewarding experience to make a car more enjoyable to drive every day.

Hyundai tucson double din install

Our customer bought this 2007 Hyundai Tucson for his son who recently got his license. Unfortunately, the tech in this older SUV was a bit lacking so he went and ordered an aftermarket double din system to install in this vehicle. By changing the head unit, we can add features like bluetooth music streaming, USB input, handsfree calling, and reverse parking camera support. Nowadays, these features can be had from a reputable manufacturer like Pioneer or JVC in a double din system for under $300. 

Hyundai tucson back up camera 2007

Double din refers to the standard 7" x 4" size of these aftermarket receivers. To fit this in your vehicle, you may need a dash kit so there are no unsightly gaps after removing your original stereo unit. For this vehicle, we used the Metra part # 95-7315, which makes for a very clean and factory looking setup in this Tucson. The bezel on this particular aftermarket deck was a tricky fit but our installer was able to make it work.

hyundai tucson 2007 double din screen

We like using double din receivers as parking camera screens as they are typically clearer and brighter than the external screens we sell. When installed properly, the camera will trigger when the car is shifted into reverse and the car's receiver will automatically display the rear view camera image. 

hyundai tucson 2007 reverse camera

It's quite an involving install as it requires removing a lot of the center console. Running the rear camera wire through the hatchback liftgate and to the outside is a fair bit of work as well. If you're looking to install a similar setup in your vehicle, contact us with the make and model of your vehicle for a quote today!