Hyundai Accent Pioneer Deck + Backup Camera

After a decade of ownership, our customer wanted a bit more connectivity and convenience out of their Hyundai Accent. These cars ran a very basic radio with CD/MP3 playback and a standard DIN sized pocket beneath them for storage. It's relatively simple to replace the radio in these cars as there's no steering controls, factory amplifier, or factory bluetooth modules to deal with. 

When upgrading to an aftermarket stereo system that does have a colour LCD screen, adding a back up camera is always an option. We went with a simple license plate frame style camera which is great as it's centered on the vehicle and doesn't require permanent modification since it reuses the factory license plate holes.

The investment in upgrading to the Pioneer head unit results in bluetooth handsfree calling, music streaming, USB input, and the rear view camera. All-in-all, for well under $1000 installed, this system updates an otherwise very basic A-to-B vehicle. Not only does this save the customer money by not having to make payments on a new vehicle, but also will help when it comes to resale. These compact hatchbacks are popular with new drivers, and having bluetooth and a camera will make it much easier to sell than a basic CD deck. 

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Hyundai Accent Head Unit Install

Hyundai Accent Pioneer Double Din

Backup Camera