Honda Odyssey RTX Winter Wheels + Thinkware FA200

Winter wheels and tires have become somewhat of a necessity in the Lower Mainland over the years. With limited snow plows and unsalted roads, public transit is unreliable when we see a few inches of snow and having a dependable car in that weather is a must if you need to get to work or take the kids on their school run. Not only that but when the winter weather rolls around, car accidents also increase significantly so it's important to protect yourself with a dash cam. 

For this Honda Odyssey, we fitted RTX Frost wheels and Michelin winter tires. Additionally, we hardwired the Thinkware FA200 dash cam to record both while driving and while parked. 

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Honda Odyssey RTX Frost

Thinkware FA200 honda odyssey

Honda odyssey thinkware fa200

honda odyssey thinkware fa200 2-channel